The Story of EDGE

EDGE began because its partners had a different vision for what a trial consulting firm could be. We noticed that the trial consulting field was increasingly divided into dozens of tiny firms, each of which had one senior consultant and several junior consultants (the so-called “guru plus the help” model). Larger trial consulting firms had more senior consultants, but these firms were often set up so that these consultants worked alone, rarely collaborating with other senior-level consultants.

We started EDGE because we believed clients would benefit from a team of senior-level consultants working for a firm that actively encouraged collaboration on cases. At EDGE, there are no junior consultants, and EDGE is intentionally set up so partners collaborate on cases.

Our clients get a senior point person and a senior team, a benefit we believe is unique in the trial consulting industry.

When our clients hire a major accounting or management consulting firm, they expect (and get) a collaborative team of senior-level people. We believe it is time for this collaborative team model to come to the trial consulting field.

Why Retain EDGE?

We understand your industry.

Every litigation matter is unique, but our industry-specific knowledge makes a real difference for our clients. We provide more accurate jury selection, more effective witness preparation, more productive jury research, and more useful trial consulting because we already understand how jurors think about cases in your specific industry. Click on the icon for your specific industry to learn more about our experience and how jurors think about your industry.