Who is EDGE?

Attorneys and corporate clients repeatedly tell us that they prefer working with EDGE because we are experienced, collaborative and responsive.


Unlike traditional jury consulting firms, EDGE has nothing but senior partners. Every EDGE partner has more than twenty years of experience. Each EDGE partner has:

  • Designed and conducted hundreds of jury research exercises.
  • Interviewed thousands of “mock” and real jurors.
  • Conducted research to help attorneys prepare for bench trials.
  • Prepared many fact and expert witnesses for deposition, arbitration and trial.
  • Our witness preparation experience is broad; we have prepared foreign witnesses, surgeons, nurses and company employees at all levels.
  • Helped attorneys with voir dire strategy and jury selection in venues across the country.
  • Helped attorneys craft powerful and persuasive opening statements and closing arguments.
  • Been credited with helping attorneys win major victories at trial.


EDGE is structured so senior partners collaborate on cases. We enjoy working with each other and have worked together for most of our careers. We work seamlessly as a team and excel at putting our heads together to identify and solve the persuasion problems our clients face. Our clients get the benefits of several senior partners’ thinking on their case. Our team approach ensures that important persuasive strategies are not missed.


We are highly responsive to our clients’ needs.

We take a diagnostic approach to research methodology. If a client needs an innovative research design to answer a specific question about a case, we’ll design it.

  • We had a client who lost a trial, then hired us to figure out why. We designed a customized multi-day research that identified the specific reasons why the client lost the case. The client was able to use this information to strengthen their position in subsequent cases.
  • We customized a jury research exercise for a client who had exactly 40 minutes to do a combination of jury selection and opening statement at trial. We identified the most effective approach to this unique and difficult problem.

Our strategic feedback after researches is also designed to meet client needs.

  • If a client needs formal research results immediately after jury research, we’ll provide them. One of the unique aspects of EDGE is our ability to present formal research results in an interactive meeting as soon as the day after a jury research. This presentation includes our thoughts on the persuasion problems the client faces, the solutions to these problems, case themes, and a statistical profile of dangerous jurors. We understand that sometimes our clients need immediate feedback and a formal jury research report is not practical to meet their needs. Many of our clients see the benefit of the live interaction and problem-solving that occur at these presentations. The PowerPoint for these presentations usually serves well as a formal report.

If a client needs a formal written report to provide to high-level decision-makers after a jury research, we’ll provide it.

  • Our written jury research reports focus on answering pragmatic questions about the risk of a case at trial, the profile of dangerous jurors, and the specific messages jurors need to hear in opening and from witnesses. Our reports are concise and easy to follow, even if clients and other decision-makers didn’t attend the research.