Who is EDGE?

EDGE is a national jury and trial consulting firm with a deep understanding of civil litigation.

The six partners of EDGE are Dr. Mark Sobus, Dr. Patricia Hastings, Dr. Dan Jacks, Beth Devlin, M.A., Dr. Samantha Holmes, and Jennifer Keeney, M.S. Each EDGE partner has an advanced degree in the social sciences and each has been in the jury research field for more than a decade. Our partners have:

  • Conducted hundreds of jury research exercises.
  • Interviewed thousands of “mock” and real jurors.
  • Prepared hundreds of company and expert witnesses for deposition, arbitration and trial.
  • Helped attorneys select juries in hundreds of venues across the country.
  • Been credited with helping attorneys win major victories at trial.

At EDGE, there are no junior consultants.

Trial consulting firms sometimes do a “bait and switch” by promising clients senior-level consultants, but staffing their research projects with inexperienced junior consultants. With EDGE, you will get nothing but senior consultants designing and running jury research, writing strategy reports, assisting you with jury selection, preparing witnesses or consulting on persuasive case strategy.

Core Values

We base our consulting practice on three core values:


We are committed to providing the highest quality consulting services. We know that a research report full of nothing but data (a “data dump”) has very little value for our clients. Our work product is case analysis and case strategy designed to help you win your case.


We are not vendors. Our aim is to become a valuable part of your trial team and an advocate for your client. We’re passionate about what we do, we welcome challenges, and we will energize your team.


We believe jurors and other decision-makers deserve engaging presentations that are message-driven, visual and straightforward. Understanding and respecting your audience is a crucial part of successful case strategy.