CLE Presentations

EDGE partners love to share what they have learned from years of studying jurors and consulting with trial teams. Our partners have been featured speakers for many attorney conferences, bar associations, and national meetings for clients. EDGE has industry-specific CLE presentations, as well as broader presentations on jury psychology and trial strategy. We would love to speak at your firm or company, and we can guarantee that our presentations will be informative and memorable.

Below are some of the presentation topics we offer:

  • Telling Your Story: How to Persuade a Jury to Find for the Big “Bad” Insurance Company
  • Jury Selection in Bad Faith Cases
  • What Jurors Need to Hear in Every Pharmaceutical Case
  • Select Respect Connect: A Guide to Persuading Skeptical Jurors
  • Motive to Kill—Why Jurors Punish
  • Shaping Jury Attitudes in Chemical Product Cases
  • Patent Trials: From Markman to the Jury—What You Need to Know
  • Jurors’ Processing of Medical Malpractice Litigation: Understanding Decision-Making

If you are interested in having EDGE speak at your firm or company, please contact Karyn Condie at 832.237.3343 or